Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Westward HO!

We rounded up our two lasses and heading west. 
West to the yonder side of the mighty Mississippi River. 
To the bustling town of Hannibal, Missouri. 
Where they heard tales of a man with a bushy mustache who had extraordinary storytelling gifts

Where they entered a cave that was only 52 degrees. 
A cave full of bats, history (we heard a story about a dead body that was super creepy), mysterious passages, and wonder. 

They thought the Mark Twain Cave was the COOLEST thing they had ever seen and done. 
I would have to agree. 
Super neato!
They did some sluicing for gems. 
Something they love to do!

And we found the Ingalls sisters when we were there!  

Besides seeing the Ingalls girls, I was also blown over by the awesome salad I had for lunch. 
We found a cute coffe shop/cafe, Java Jive. 
My salad of wild greens (Gigi yelled out "Mom, you're eating grass!") was topped with blueberries, carrots, cukes, and almonds. With the most marvelous poppyseed dressing. 
My fellow travelers/diners told me the sandwiches they ordered were spectacular, too. 
And our meals were served in hand made earthen pottery vessels that you could also buy at the pottery shop connected to the cafe. 
I love finding a jewel of a town.
A town full of caves, history, and awesome food. 
Oh, and the gelato we had...Creme Brûlée, lemon, strawberry/kiwi. 
The Ingalls girls were beside themselves!

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