Friday, July 19, 2013

Swooning For Lark Rise

Ah, the BBC Dramas. 
First, there was Downton Abbey. 
Then I found Call The Midwife. 
Mr. Selfridge found his way into my life and I'm sure glad he did. 
Now, it's a tale of two villages. 
It's the late 1800's in rural England. 
One poor village, one not.  
Farm hands, postal workers, seamstresses, children, mamas and papas, and a local laze-about all mixed together. 
I have fallen in love with the show Lark Rise to Candleford. 

It's not currently on, but I've found the show on DVD. 
The show began in 2008 and from what I've read, it had much promise. 
People loved it. 
But after four seasons, it just stopped. 
I have all four seasons on DVD and I'm obsessed. 
Obsessed with the sets, the landscapes, the costumes. 
Obsessed with finding out if Dorcas Lane will ever find love. 
The most influential character is rather unfortunately named Dorcas. 
But, the awkwardly named Dorcas is brought to life by Julia Sawalha. 
Julia is best known for playing Saffy on Absolutley Fabulous. 
People, it's Saffy from Ab Fab!!!
Right there as Post Mistress in Candleford!

And kooky Thomas Brown who lives for God, but needs to find something more than God to really live. 
Twister is the Lark Rise goof-lover of the drink. 
The sweet, loved by Queenie, top hat wearing quirk of a man who can throw back an ale like he's 20 and still dole out sage wisdom. 
Twister is my favorite. 
As is his wife Queenie. 
She talks to her bees, reads tea leaves, and cares for anyone who needs carin'. 
As they say on the show, she's a real Lark Riser.

And, to get my Downton fix met at the same time, Mr Bates aka Brendan Coyle is on the show!
He plays the lead character's father, Robert Timmins.  
The only down side to the show for me is in fact the main character. 
Well, not really the character. 
I like the character of Laura. 
It's the actress that bugs me. 
She does this twisty mouth thing and shakes and bobbles her head constantly when she talks. 
Very distracting for this lady. 

But I'll deal with her rattles. 
If it means I get get to disappear into the villages and peer into the lives of Emma, Minnie, Alf, and the Pratt sisters. 
If it means I get a BBC fix and can walk around my house speaking in my British accent, I'm good. 
Time for afternoon tea!

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  1. you had me interested until the JUST stopping after 4 seasons could I do that to myself?!