Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Week Of Camp

Zoe spent her third summer at Camp COCO
A week full of giggles, pizza, swimming, zip-lines, and memory making. 

One of her favorite people was at camp again. 
Stephanie is her nurse Kelly's daughter. 
Kelly and Stephanie came out to our house when Zoe got her pony from Make-A-Wish. 
They are also regular figures at camp. 
Zoe looks forward to seeing Stephanie every summer. 

Zoe participated in the high ropes course and the zip line. 
There was also canoeing, crafts, horseback riding, swimming, field games, and she rode a mechanical surfboard for 20 seconds. 
I was told by her counselor that she was the only one from her cabin (full of 8-9 year old girls) to complete the high ropes course. 
Because of her braveness, she was awarded "Most Fearless" in the closing ceremonies for her cabin, The American Eagles. 

Her hair is finally long enough to hold something in it. 
This was weaved into her hair somehow while at camp and she has zero plans to take it out. 
We may be seeing it in Christmas photos. 

Another year down at camp. 
Zoe has spent three years so far bunking with the sweet girl standing to her left, Tatum. 
They met when Zoe was bald and T had very short hair. 
I hope they continue this summer friendship. 
Zoe also excitedly told me about a teenager she met and hung out with that had had leukemia when she was little. 
Until there's a cure, there's camp. 
To make friends and memories and to know you aren't alone. 
Never alone...

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  1. so glad she has yet another great year at camp! I look forward to sending my kids to camp!