Thursday, April 4, 2013

Peanut Butter and Jelly

How I know Zoe is Chad's child...

When done with a bag of chips, both roll it up in such a haphazard, bound-to-get-stale way that I often think the cat has rolled up the chip bag.

When asked by me to look for something (example-"can you grab that letter opener for me off the kitchen table?") both give a super quick scan and if it isn't automatically seen, it must not be there.

From the back they look exactly the same.
Long legs, short torso, long arms.

They are horrendous liars.
The wheels start turning and I can see those wheels.
I know what they are up to while I'm asking my inquiring questions.

They have a love of horror movies.
Bad horror movies.
Killer Sharks in 3D bad.

They also both love mushrooming, fossils, and goat cheese.
Ok, I like goat cheese, too.

They get these horizontal lines in their foreheads when they raise their eyebrows.
So strange.

The love they have for one another should be bottled and sold.
We could be bazillionaires.

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  1. How special to have a bond with a parent. I am so glad my kids have two to pick from (and I have two to pick from! LOL!)