Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day to Day

There are many life lessons to be learned when living the farm life.
You see birth and death.
Seasons change, sometimes too slowly and other times too fast.
The children grow up as quick as weeds in the tomato patch.
All of this fresh air really grows 'em tall.
While I do often miss the city; the scuttle of persons all out to do something, eating ethnic food, museums and culture...I have really grown to love the quiet and solitude that the farm gives me.

The sun rises and as it gets warmer out it's nice to go out very early with a cup of coffee and hear the birds waking up, singing to find their mates and their families.
There are always chores to do outside and this has become my exercise routine...pushing wheelbarrows, dragging tree limbs to the burn pile, mowing, weeding.
It's a dirty life, but it's my life.

We have dirty paw prints and boot prints in the living room.
We eat berries straight off of their branches.
We grow our own food and let our dogs run free through the woods.
We watch the sun set off of the front porch and marvel at the pinks, oranges, and reds that the sky displays for us.
We marvel at the bats when they come out at dusk.
My kids look with wonder at bugs, turtles, fawns, and crayfish at the creek.
It's a different life than we used to have, but it's our norm now.
And it's a fabulous norm. 


  1. The grass looks SO green and beautiful!

  2. I love living out here in the middle of nowhere. I really struggled that first 1-2 years with the adjustment to a quieter, more isolated life. I have become MUCH more of a homebody that I ever thought I could have..... I love the life I am providing to my children. I love in summer the freedom to become filthy outside and eat fresh food from the yard....when you inviting me to your farm?

  3. Possibly the best persuasive post ever.

    I am calling the realtor and listing my house today...joining the Homesteaders!

    Sigh, I better ask my husband first. :)

  4. It's a nice existence...and those pictures are from last year when it was summer. Grass is getting greener everyday!