Tuesday, April 2, 2013



I am cherishing the moments of sweetness and sourness my mouth participated in yesterday.
Yes, McD's brought out the frozen strawberry lemonade drink I jones for every summer.
Purchase #1 of a possible 25 has commenced.
So sad for my thighs.

I am trying to stay positive.
Various things are whirling around in my head.
Zoe spiked a 103 fever yesterday.
After a mad rush to Springfield and a blood draw followed by a humongo dose of IV antibiotics, she seems better.
She still has a slight fever and we are keeping our fingers crossed that a blood culture doesn't grow anything.
That would mean her port is infected and she would have to get it surgically removed sooner than we would have liked.
Leukemia and it's effects never go away.
And it drives me to swear.
And to stress.
I read a newspaper article recently about a local man who has started a motorcycle rehab business and his son was a part of the story.
His son was diagnosed and treated about 10 years ago for medullablastoma.
A brain tumor.
Jake's type of brain tumor.
This boy now has scar tissue on his lungs causing respiratory issues, wears two hearing aides, has a cataract on his eye, and doesn't speak.
But he's considered lucky.
And that rips another hole in my already fragile heart.
I fucking hate childhood cancer.

I wish I owned one of those big soft pretzel turny machines like you see at the ballpark.
Plus a freezer full of pretzels.
And a machine that squirts out ooey, gooey cheddar cheese for dippin'.
That would go so good with the frozen strawberry crack I drink.

I am rooting for Alaska or Jinkx to win RuPaul's Drag Race.
You really should tune in if you don't already.
You will learn new lingo and beauty tips.
Who could ask for more?!
Well, can I drink this while watching?
All T. No shade.

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