Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday News...

I now know exactly how Jack from Titanic felt when he was in the freezing Atlantic Ocean because I just used my bare hand to break up some ice in the bird bath in my side yard in Illinois in February.  

I wonder who the idiot was that decided some cars should have the same color turn signal as the brake lights? 
Or front signals that are lighter in color and small in size than the headlights? 
If I can't see ya turning, folks, I'm gonna hit ya! 
This should be something car owners check on before purchasing a car, other than how big the trunk is and how many cup holders are inside (by the way, the new average of cup holders per any car is 64.)

And speaking of cars...
I always think it's so sad when you are driving behind a "luxury" car and it doesn't have a turn signal on it that works.
Not a one!
Those people must be so, so, so very upset that their $60,000 car has no working signals so that the lady in the big blue minivan behind them, that's trying desperately to hear (over ABBA's Waterloo) what her kid way in the back seat is saying to her about that mean girl on the playground who pulls her "friends" around by the hood of their coats at recess, knows that THEY ARE TURNING LEFT NOW! 

I have a new addiction...
Cheese Nips.
Not Cheez-Its.
But Nips.
The box says "Uses real cheddar cheese.  Cheez-It doesn't"
I'm sold.
And it's about a dollar less in price.
Double sold!

My cold is subsiding.
I thought you would want to know.

Why is Wednesday spelled that way?
Why the "d" between the "e" and the "n"?
Does anyone really say Wed-Nes-Day?
Why not Wensday?
And February?
What's up with that middle "r"?
No one say Feb-r-uary.
I have too much free time.

Off to eat some Nips!


  1. nibs for some reason makes me think of nipples. Thought you would NEED to know that.

    I was listening to ABBA yesterday because it makes it easier to clean.

    Does this post mean you had a car accident? I hope not.

  2. No accident.
    And thanks, now when I'm noshing on my Nips I'll be thinking about eating Nipples.

    1. Relief about the not accident.
      LOL about the nibbles...nipples...nibs....

  3. Hard core Cheez-It fan here. They taste so different. I can't do the nibs. Cian likes the Angry Birds ones though because they are angry birds.

  4. Jen - I like you. This post confirms it even more. You make me smile and laugh. :)

  5. I'm not gonna lie, the Wed-Nes-Day has bothered me since the 3rd grade when my teacher beat me into submission to sound it out and spell it....