Friday, December 7, 2012

I Don't Get It

There are some things I just don't get.
I'm not talking about the things that I REALLY just don't get, like how tv or the phone or jets work.
Just things you encounter in the everyday world of all of these other peeps we share oxygen with.
Things like...

Ladies who paint tiny little designs onto their fingernails. Christmas trees in the middle of your nail with glitter and tiny ornaments painted on. Do these people really never immerse their hands in water? Your going to pay what to get what painted on your pinky nail?

Boy bands. I've never understood boy bands. And I'm a girl. Who likes boys. Whatever.

Greedy, selfish, thoughtless people. 
Especially those that don't acknowledge that trait within themselves. 
What me?!  Never. 
Umm, yeah.  You

Dogs and their attraction to stink.
Be it people's butts, kids' underwear, or the dead opossum in the side yard.
Di.  Sgust.  Ing. 

That whole ebonics thing that went down some decades ago.
Fo real.

YouTube. Why do I want to watch strange things others do who have access to a video taping device? Little girls dancing to inappropriate songs, that Asian guy and his crazy dancing, dogs bark-talking. Do people do it (post) in hopes of becoming famous, the next big thing? I don't get it. Have our minds all turned to mush where we think this is quality entertainment? My kids doing a puppet show behind the couch is better entertainment.

Okay, gotta go.
I think there are some Real Housewives of somewhere calling my name.
I don't get that either.
But I watch.


  1. I don't get people who think that he or she is the exception to the rule.

    I don't get people who don't merge when the sign says merge.

    I don't get people who give birth to children only to both neglect and abuse them. (I used to think those things were mutually exclusive. Sadly, they often go hand-in-hand.)

    I don't get why neon colors are back in style.

    I don't get Taylor Swift at all.

    1. I don't get Taylor Swift either.
      Your merge thing cracked me up. Why do some people just loiter over there? What, you need a written invite? Merge already!

  2. I don't get people who ask for your opinion, but then completely dismiss every word that comes out of your mouth! Why bother??

    I don't get this "Elf on the Shelf" extravaganza. Dude is creepy.