Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pandora Radio and Jumbo Jets

I was listening to Pandora radio the other day and it was spot on to what I wanted to listen to.
I was 100% happy with my Florence and the Machine station.
Even when Rusted Root was thrown in.
All I could say was EXCELLENT!
And it got me wondering, how in the hell does that work?
How can an app on my iPhone know what music to send me?
Which got me to thinking, how does that app even work?
Or the iPhone?
For gosh sakes, how is it even possible that I can punch in some numbers on my telephone and call my friend in Texas and hear her voice on the other side?
And the television.
Don’t get me started on that one.
Where does that picture come from?
I always envision little molecules of a story frame bubbling around over my head and through the sky, up into space and down to the back of my television.
I’m easily flabbergasted.
I just don’t get it really.

The phone,


animal migration,

walkie talkies,


people who like to climb mountains,

the interweb,

where the sound of a purr really comes from on a cat,

jumbo jets that don’t fall from the sky when they are jammed full of people and their stuff,

my dog who’s still scurrying through her life even though there’s a hole in her heart,

how a caterpillar can turn into a butterfly just by going into a fiber cave for a few weeks,

those folks that dive under the water for miles while holding their breath.

This all amazes me.
And reminds me that this life and world are really outstanding .
Aside from morons who say they “represent me” in congress or who want to be our president.
Or those that want a constant conflict, get a high from human suffering, and giggle over supreme rule like in Sudan or North Korea.
Aside from cancer cells and all of the consequences of treatment.  
Life is full of phenomenal highs and extreme lows.
But if we keep the wonder alive inside, it’s really a great place to be.

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