Saturday, December 8, 2012

Here and Now

Here and now in our lives...

Santa was seen and Santa was cool.
He had a great Ho-Ho-Ho and wasn't a bit weird or smelly.
Nicely done Downtown Santa.
Gigi has asked for a new Jesse doll (from the movie Toy Story, the one she has is missing an arm thanks to Willie) and a sleeping bag.
Zoe asked for a DS game and some Harry Potter Legos.

Chad's winter beard of 2012 is coming in nicely. 
He was so scared it would be all white, but of course it's not.
It's a nice salt and peppery mix.

Half of our living room has been covered in Get Well cards for over two years.
There were more than what even these pictures show.
They helped beyond a doubt in Zoe's recovery.
To help her to feel special and loved.
We decided that since chemo was over, we would take them down.
We looked at each one, remembering who had sent it, and sometimes laughing at the sentiments inside and marveling at someone's coloring abilities.
She received get wells from Maine to California and all the states in between, the UK, and even China.    
They are in a box to be kept forever.

It's certainly strange to have a bare wall again.

One card we have kept out.
It's the most special one of all.
I believe Jake made this for Zoe after he himself was diagnosed with cancer.
It was placed along the wall that held the most recently sent cards.
He wrote it himself and we have decided to keep it out next to his picture on our bookcase. 

I'm starting to get a bit more into the holiday spirit.
It's still not cold enough and I would like to see some snow.
Happy Holidays friends.
Hug those closest to you and let your kids play all day on the weekends.
Let them make messes.
Life can be fleeting and surreal at times.
Stay in the now.


  1. What a beautiful post!!! I love the picture of Zoe and GiGi playing in front of the tree. Great advice to let our kiddos just be kiddos alllll weekend long!!

  2. I have to agree that the pic in front of the tree is lovely!

    Like that you included Chad in a post. :)

    Jake made me teary-eyed. I am glad that they had the opportunity to be friends. It isn't the norm to have such a good friend at such a young age. A friendship like that is life-changing for both! Thanks for giving a glimpse at it.

    Taking down the cards...that is like a milestone-ceremony-life-event!!!