Friday, November 23, 2012

Postage Dilemma

I don't think I'm sending out Christmas cards this year.
I know!
Isn't that strange of me to say?!
I blame the US Postal Service.
The price of postage is what's setting me off this year.
I can't fit it into the budget.
What little budget there is.
There's a lot of cards to send out, many recipients.
I need to buy these rascals some gifts, but I'm not overdoing it at all this year.
I think the most expensive thing I'll be buying is some Legos for Zoe that I'll need to order online.
But, I do think I'll try to get out some Happy New Year cards.
That way I can focus that postage money on a few gifts and then once Christmas is over I can use that money on stamps.
I heard that stamps are going to go up again in price.
It may not seem like a lot of money to some people, but to us it is.
We have become strapped for cash for quite a while.
We have had to endure hospital bills, doctor co-pays, lab bills, pharmacy costs (the pharmacy costs are what really get at us!) for over 2 years.
So, we have to watch what we spend.
And that even means stamps.
If I don't get any cards out at all this year, there's always next year.



  1. I know it is less personal than getting a real card in the mail, but I enjoy X-mas/end of the year summary family letters that I get even online from friends/family. Hope you are having a relaxed day.

  2. That same debate has been going on at our house. I am thinking just a few cards to my internet-avoidance people (aka old people). I am thinking of writing the Christmas letter and doing pics as blog post instead....

  3. I just want some of those yummy cookies!!