Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Shopping

My family is more apt to partake in Small Business Saturday shopping than Black Friday shopping.
So, today that's what Zoe and I did with Grandma.
We hit the toy store at Striglos, Del's Popcorn Shop, a store called Giggles, a great French store Tournesol, lunch at the Downtown Cafe, and Embroidered Expressions.
That last store is so cute...purses and shirts and many other things to buy and then they will put your name or your school or your dog's name or whatever you want on it in whatever font and color you want.
Zoe had money to spend so she found an owl purse and she bought it and we can pick it up in a few weeks after they get her name put on it.
My mission today was to buy stocking stuffers for the girls.
And some chocolate covered espresso beans for moi to eat right now (which I am as I'm typing this!)
Lots of sales downtown today.
It's nice to go to our sweet downtown area for holiday shopping.
We will go back soon to see Santa in his little red house by the park. 
Small Business Saturday shopping...supporting small business owners with my purchase of pickle flavored candy canes and owl socks.


  1. Where did you get pickle flavored candy canes???? I need some as a gift for my sister!!!!!!!

    1. I got them at Giggles. A store in Downtown Decatur on Merchant St.