Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Today I'm thankful for...

-my daughters
-my husband
-my parents
-modern medicine
-Dr. Brandt
-Dr. Neibrugge
-Dr. Brooks
-our nurses
-the Lounsburys
-the Taylors
-the Cavins
-the Lauricellas
-all of our friends, old and new
-research scientists in the field of childhood leukemia, t-cell ALL
-warm days
-ponies and goats
-the country
-cranberry sauce
-my Native American ancestors
-my grandparents' ghosts
-wild raspberries
-the teachers and staff at our primary school- GO HAWKS!
-the staff at our dance company
-potato rolls
-more birthdays
-did I mention pie?

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