Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Zoe and the Slumber Party

I'm a firm believer in luck and I find the
harder I work, the more I have of it.
~Thomas Jefferson

Zoe is going to her first slumber party this Friday.
It's what girls do.
They get together and sing and dance and giggle and it's a normal passage of girldom.
And I'm a nervous wreck.

It's not the sleepover part.
It's the invisible germs that are everywhere part.
Yes, I know these germs are, the store, dance class, piano.
I'm overreacting.
I just hope something doesn't sprout within her body that her shut down immune system can't even begin to combat.
She has a spinal tap on Wednesday. Could be her last.
We aren't 100% certain if she'll get one in December.
I don't want this to get screwed up because of some germs.
I just have to keep chanting "she's almost done, she's almost done, she's almost done."
I'm hoping once chemotherapy stops in December that her immune system hikes back up to normal levels and her blood doesn't go into blast mode which is what happened before.
Blasts are bad people.
Blasts in your blood are bad.

So I hope she enjoys hanging with her girlfriends and giggling about boys (oh, geesh!) and dancing to Katy Perry.
I hope she remembers how her parents started letting their guard down and allowed her to be like everyone else.
I hope she enjoys this life she's been handed.
She's one of the lucky ones.
And we hope she stays lucky. 
Oh, and she got glasses. 
She just wears them at school when they are using the board.
They sure do make her look smart, huh?!

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