Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Downton Abbey and Ganja

I've been listening to Bob Marley in the car lately.
Gettin' into the whole easy living vibe, being one with yourself, accepting life, saying everything is gonna be alright.
I'm not gonna grow dreads, but thought about it once in the early 1990's much to my mother's horror and I'm not gonna start smoking ganja.
Chad smoked enough throughout the '90's that I think a bit seeps out of him on a weekly basis. Just enough to put a "chill" in the air.

We REALLY need to paint the bathroom.
I'm going to go with a light gray I think.
Then I'll paint our little bathroom table that holds towels and TP maybe with a pop color.
Then I'll get new shower curtains (need two).
I think I may venture to KMart.
I haven't been there in FOREVER and I think they still carry Martha Stewart as well as Country Living brands.
By the way, Country Living is my favorite magazine these days.
Great stuff in there.
Nothing too "country" country, more like modern/hipster country.

I can not wait for Downton Abbey to come back!
I think it's not until December or January!
It's. Killing. Me.
I'm going to rewatch season one that I have on DVD (thanks again, dear) and hopefully PBS will air season two again soon.
I hope.
I'm in need of an old school British fix.
And Shirley MacLaine will be on season three!
Oooooooohhhhh! It's too much.
There's a PBS show called Call the Midwife that begins airing on the 30th.
I'm going to have to watch that until Downton starts.

Whenever I watch a movie and there are accents involved I am taken over by the accent gods. We watched a movie called The Debt the other night (very good...had Helen Mirren in it.) German accents abounded and then I talked with a harsh German accent for the rest of the night.
The King's Speech is on tonight?
Here comes the British Aristocracy accent.
Waking Ned Devine?
We saw Brave and I did my darndest to get the Scottish accent going.
Really just sounded Irish.
Zoe can't stand it when I break out my accents.
She can do a pretty good British tone herself, though.
When I goad her enough to spit it out.
She loathes my Harry Potter accents when we do a marathon of HP movies.

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