Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autumn Love List

I love Autumn and I love lists, so here's my list of what I'll love this Autumn...

The Great Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin foods
Pumpkin lattes
Wearing a sweater
Wearing a blazer
Wearing long pants
Wearing cropped long pants (does that make sense?) with funky socks
Crisp and cool outdoor air 
Fires in the fire-pit
Cooking hot dogs and mallows over fire-pit fire.
Walking next to Zoe while she rides her horse on the horse trail and not sweating my arse off.
Yellow leaves
Gold leaves
Orange leaves
Red leaves
Acorns on the woodland floor
Acorns picked up by little hands on the woodland floor.
Bugs dying off
Pumpkins on the porch
Hay bales in the barn
Boo at the Zoo
Apples for pie
Apples for the horse
Curling up in a blanket watching a movie.
Fuzzy socks
Watching scary movies gearing up for Halloween.
Candy corn
Hot cider
Caramel apples
Pot pies
Why does this list contain so much food?
Gigi's 4th birthday
Charlie Brown on TV
Wearing hats to keep warm
Fingerless gloves
Making Christmas lists
It always goes back to the lists.

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