Saturday, September 1, 2012

What Did You Just Say?

Things my kids say on a regular basis that I guess they got from me.
Or that homeless guy at the Walmart.

1. "Honey badger don't care!"
All of the time.

2. Zoe using air quotes for everything...
"today at school they wanted us to "RUN" to the fence and back."

3. Steve Earle, Adele, and Mumford & Sons song lyrics about bad relationships, being drunk,  and dying fathers.

4. "Damn."

5. "Damn it."

6. "Damn it all to..."you get the picture, right?!

7. "God these dogs are dumb!"

8. "Dad, just do it already, okay?!"
With IT being either to change the channel from Sportscenter, get them a drink of lemonade, let the dumb dogs out, rub my feet.

9. "You are so going to get it!"
Both girls say this to each other when fighting.
Then I yell loudly from another room "Hey, both of you...CAN IT!"
I guess it could be worse.
They could be sticking their heads out of the car window and yelling "suck it!" to people who cut over into our lane while driving.
In due time...

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