Friday, August 31, 2012


A week in review...

I've been surprised by a monster mushroom sprouting from a tree stump in the front yard.
Seemed to appear overnight.
Is it the work of fairies?
Maybe an apartment complex?
Or a playground canopy for the wee fairy kids?

I've been surprised by these wild sunflowers.
I noticed them sprouting along the interstate by our house yesterday.
Wild unexpected beauty that made me smile.

I've been surprised by two corn tornadoes this week.
The farmers are harvesting the corn and I guess if the winds are just right they pick up loose husks and a mini tornado moves across the land.
Gigi spotted one today and declared "look at the corn coming!"
We drove right through the corn twister.
If the windows had been down we would have had a car full of corn husks.

I've been surprised by the moon this week.
Bright and cratery (I love when you can see the moon craters!) and kind of marshmallowy.
A squished marshmallow that you are just about to pop in your mouth.
A moonmallow.

I've been surprised EVERYDAY by my kids.
Their love for cats, books, learning, life.
I want to squoosh them like marshmallows.
To the moon and back.

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