Friday, September 21, 2012


China Cops: Man With Ax Kills 3 Kids at Day...
4 Dead After Shootout on Israel-Egypt...
Pittsburgh High-Rise Evacuated After...
Iran Atomic Energy Boss: We Lie to Trick...
South Korea Fires on North Korean Fishing

This was on my home page when I got online today.
So disturbing.
So much pain in the world.
Remember these headlines next time you want to complain that the school lunches are "too" healthy now because of the First Lady and her fight against childhood obesity (a real complaint from a guy that a FB friend encountered.)
Remember these headlines next time you are angry at the little old lady in front of you at the grocery store who decides to write a check. *gasp*
Remember that you have it pretty good here in good ol' America (except for those folks in Pittsburgh who had to evacuate and got the bajeebers scared out of them today!)*
Remember that you have the right to voice your opinion in a political election.
Remember that you don't live in a communist society.
Remember that the earth you live on is a vast and often times hard place to live on.
Remember to be thankful you are healthy today.
Remember to remember.

*remember that some people in America do live in abject poverty and have to walk miles to get to work (if they even have a job in the comminuity they live in!) and to get food for their families.

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