Monday, September 24, 2012

Brown and Yellow

It's always amazed me that my two girls have such strikingly different heads of hair. Even with Zoe being on her third, yes THIRD, head of hair in her lifetime it's always been brown. Not light brown, even though with her second hair she had some highlights, just brown. And then there's Gigi with her glaringly blonde head (she says she has yellow hair.) A hair color that many would kill for because they spend hundreds of dollars at the salon hoping for it.
Their hair and their personalities are so far apart from one another. Gigi bounces off the walls, runs without stopping to catch her breath. Zoe stops to see the details of a flower, is content sitting drawing a picture and and not stopping until it's just right.
Two girls who look different and act different, but who are intertwined for life.
As sisters should be...

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