Monday, September 10, 2012

I Think...

I think...

I really need to work on my posture.
I used to have great posture back in the day.
Ballet does that to ya.
I used to have a ballet barre in my bedroom as a kid.

I think I need one installed in my living room.
I'll get my exercise, tone these thighs and the glutes, improve my posture, and catch up on TRHof New York.

I think public bathroom restrooms should have an automatic toilet paper dispenser where you punch in how many sheets you want from pre-determined guidelines and it spits out that amount.
Super environmentalist? You get two sheets (gross!)
Pee on hands hater? You get 40 sheets (yay!)
Too drunk to care? You get 12 (but who cares, you need to get back to the paaaaartaaaay!)

I think people have blocked me on Facebook because of my childhood cancer posts and I say to that...your loss.
Just because it hasn't happened to you doesn't mean it deserves to be kept under covers.
Open your mind and your heart to someone else's struggles.
It can make you a better human being.

I think that my kids are just fine even though they didn't get Ferberized. 
Or whatever they call it now.
If they cried as infants, I picked them up.
I carried them a lot in a carrier.
They co-slept with us.
Gigi still crawls into our bed most nights around midnight between her mama and pop.
And that's okay.

I think the Bears are going to have a great year!
Just as my White Sox are!
I love my Chicago sports teams.
I vow every start to every season as this being "THE" year.
Even though Chad goes to nay-saying land after the first bad game.

I think I need to contact the Long Island Medium lady for a reading.
I saw the season premiere this week on TLC and I was, again, blown away by her.
Is she for real? 
She seems for real.
How can she not be for real?

I think I need a brownie.
And a massage.

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