Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Conversation With Gigi

A typical conversation with Gigi at 3:00...

Mom: "Hey! How was your day?"
Gigi: "good"
Mom: "What did you do today?"
Gigi: "nothing"
Mom: "Did you have a snack?"
Gigi: "cotton candy"
Mom: "They gave you cotton candy?"
Gigi: "uh huh"
Mom: "Oh, there's your teacher! I'm going to go ask her why you were given cotton candy today at school for a snack!"
Gigi: "NO! It's a secret."
Mom: "Oh, okay. What else happened today?"
Gigi: "The bathrooms didn't work so we couldn't go pee all day."
Mom: "Really?!"
Gigi: "uh huh"
Mom: "Wow! Did you sing any new songs?"
Gigi: "nope"
Mom: "Learn a new letter?"
Gigi: "nope"
Mom: "then what did you do today?"
Gigi: "nothing"

She seems to really be enjoying school so far...

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