Monday, August 20, 2012


I've become "that" mom

That mom who embarrasses her kids in public.

I've mentioned before to Zoe that if she wants me to I can call her at school everyday to see if she needs anything.
She firmly says "NO!"

We've told her that when she's in high school we are going to be the cow bell parents.
The parents in the stands at the football games who wear all overalls, green hats with large white pom poms on the top, green scarves (have you guessed the school colors?)...and who cheer loudly whilst ringing a large and loud and annoying cow bell from the top of the bleachers.

Her classroom this year has a big window that I could easily walk up to and see inside.
I've told her that I can come to the window daily, give a BIG wave so she'll be sure to see me, and then holler out "Are you doing ok? Do you need anything? Have you pooped?"
She quickly and surely responds with "if you do that I will never speak to you again."
I ask again.
Just to be certain.
Same response.

But today.
It happened.
I was that embarrassing mom.
It all started with eye drops.
She's been taking eye drops because her allergies are making her eyes itchy and red and a bit goopy.
Monday morning was her first full day of school.
In the hub bub of the morning I forgot to give her her eye drops.
No worry, I thought.
Gigi has to be at school around noon today, I'll find Zoe and give her some eye drops.
Lunch was over for her when I arrived at school and she was on the playground.
So I did it.
I ran across the playground, holding up a bottle of eye drops yelling "ZOEEEEE PRAAAAAMUUUUK!"
She claims she didn't see me.
I kept running.
When I got to her I pantingly said "you forgot your eye drops this morning!"
So, the drops went in and off I ran again because I had to take Gigi's picture out front of school.

When we were laughing about it at dinner Chad asked Zoe "was your mom at least wearing her bra?"
She looked at me with huge saucer eyes.
I just smiled and kept eating my potatoes.
I may be "that" mom, but I'm not "THAT" mom.


  1. LOVE IT (and LOL with the bra comment - hit a little too close to home though!)