Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Fair! The Fair!

The Illinois State Fair!

The Pramuks went this year.
We hadn't been since before leukemia came to town and we missed the fancy Decatur Celebration this year.
Fancy being a subjective term.
So, off to Springfield we went and we did NOT stop at the hospital this time!

We rode rides, saw some hooded sheep and some horses that were as tall as the roof of my garage, heard some very loud race cars speeding around the track, gazed in wonder at this year's butter cow...

We consumed hot mini donuts, deep fried pickles, corn dogs, french fries, lemon shake-ups, strawberry crepes, pork rinds, and a red velvet funnel cake...

We went through a giant log that a home was carved out of it's interior. 
Not for the claustrophobic.
Zoe did some rock climbing and shot an arrow from a bow at a fake coyote.
Gigi stroked a turtle's top.
We saw a catfish that looked like it was from that show River Monsters and a huge pig that we wanted to steal and bring home to our farm. 
She was a huge version of Babe but without that cute tuft of hair on the top of her head.

See ya next time State Fair!

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