Monday, August 20, 2012

I Don't...

I don't...

do the Elf on the Shelf.
It's way too much work and I refuse to start doing it.

know how to shop for beef and I don't want to know how.

believe Chad paid $1 for batteries for my camera and thought that that was a good idea. 
I got six pictures before it went kaput.
He said, very proudly I might add, "well, you got a dollar's worth of pictures!"

think I'll let him buy me batteries anymore.  

know where Jumper is...again.

watch The Biggest Loser, Modern Family, or Judge Judy so stop asking me what I thought of the last episode, cough MOM cough.

think I look like a grandmother but some dude asked me if Gigi was my granddaughter on Saturday. 

know if there will be pumpkins at the pumpkin patch this year because of the drought.
We may be spray painting musk melons orange.

know where time has gone, but Gigi is almost four years old...sniff...

understand why I am constantly cleaning pet hair off of the couch and off of the floors and from the legs of my pants.
I just don't know why...  


  1. Your cat has some crazy eyes!!

    I hear you on the "granddaughter" thing...some women said to me last month, "Oh that's so nice you're here with your granddaughter" what?!?!

    No Elf on the Shelf? Cmon....lets do it!

  2. That Elf is just way too much work...all of the funny ways to set him up in the house. I would feel pressured to top myself :-)