Monday, August 27, 2012

End Of Summer

School has started so the days of swimming have been lessened a bit. 
It's still 90 degrees out so we have been swimming a few times after school.
The girls go to a school that was built in 1950 so there's no air conditioning.
I know, unheard of in this century.
But it's true.
And it's hot.
So, to cool them off we pop into the pool and the sweat drains away...

Zoe has mastered the front flip.
She learned this from her friend Isabelle last summer and she has finally gotten brave enough to do it on a regular basis.
Practice makes perfect I say. 

We also do some hop scotch.
Gigi doesn't get the idea of rules, so she just jumps wherever which infuriates her sister to no end.

Sometimes the "hopscotch rock" is actually a walnut and the dog or dogs steal it to chew on.

I'm anticipating Fall.
I'm ready for cool weather.
I'm ready for homemade chicken pot pies and pumpkin scones.
My favorite candy store Dels Popcorn Shop has announced that they are selling caramel apples already!
I guess that means I can make a chicken pot pie!

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