Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Getting IT!

My dad had (still has) a Bill Cosby album that we used to listen to.
We would laugh and laugh while it turned around under the needle and Bill's voice would boom from the fabric covered speaker panels of the full-sized stereo system my dad had (still has!) that held an LP player, tape deck, and radio all contained in a huge brown wooden structure that was displayed in the living room as just another piece of beautiful furniture.
Nostalgia moment over...
He would talk about the different things his wife and he would say to the kids as they were growing up.
I've held onto a few of these sayings and have added a few of my own in my parenting goals of threatening my own children into good behavior.
You do this, too, right?

My favorite from that album is:
"I brought you into this world and I can take you out!"

Cracks me up every single time.
But I deliver it with a stern face.
I usually get stares when I loudly declare this.
No one really takes me seriously.
But they should!!

Another saying I have that I seem to say only to Gigi is:
"you're going to get IT!"
which I then follow with
"I'm not sure what IT is, but when I find out you are getting IT!"
She usually shows me her butt and runs away.

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