Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chick A Boo Boo

These are my tomatoes this year.
They are the best crop I've ever grown.
I'm so proud.
blah, blah, blah...
These things are pathetic.
This drought has hampered the growth of my veggies.
We get these itty, bitty, teeny, tiny round red things and there's not a darn thing to do with them.
So Zoe has created a recipe for them that she calls Chick A Boo Boo.
The recipe is as follows:
2 cherry tomatoes
I roma tomato (our romas look just like these pathetic cherry tomatoes)
Salt, 1 shake
Oliv Ole (this is how she spelled it on her recipe card), 1/8 teaspoon
a teaspoon of applesauce
It's, ummmmm, delicious?   

This drought is beyond ridiculous.
I'm sooooo glad we had this house hooked up to the city water line before we moved in.
Otherwise we would be living off of well water and well, that water is getting all dried up.
Once your well runs dry you have to go to a water-filling station to get water that you then dump into your well at home. 
The earth is so arid and there's no rain to fill up the wells.
It's as dry as a breadcrumb in there.
You need this water to bathe in, to drink, to fill the dog bowls, to run the dishwasher, to wash the clothes. 
You get it. 
Our city has put up very harsh water restrictions because of the drought.
People are going further and further away to get water for their wells because now they can't get it from the local Decatur water supply place.
My brother has a well.
He is literally up a dry creek bed right about now.

I'm sure those Westboro Baptist Church loonies are blaming the drought on the gays.
They love to blame the gays for everything.
That is unless they aren't being affected by a drought then they are probably just blaming gay folks for high gas prices.


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