Thursday, September 15, 2011

Del's Popcorn...Oh My!

So, my arse is not too happy with me these days.
Well, maybe it's happy, but getting bigger may not be high on her list right now, but it's happening.
It's happening because of my ill-equipped will power and my inability to NOT drive to the below shop to buy delish food products.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Taylor :-)
Those of you who read my blog and who are from Decatur know the above shop. 
You may also have a long and deep love affair, as I do, with Del's Popcorn Shop. 
It's an icon of my childhood.
It's the downtown popcorn shop.
With it's dazzling lights and pink and green sign 
The tiny, sweet smelling, "excuse me while I inch past you ma'am", shop of my youth.
Where my mom would buy us popcorn shaped into rabbits every Easter.
Where my dad would double park and someone would run in to buy a bag of salted and buttered, freshly popped popcorn for a Friday night's eating.
It's the shop that I used to wonder and marvel in as a child and it's the shop that I take my own girls to.
To marvel at the array of candy jars towering over them on the shelves and filled with goodies galore.
To wonder at the large metal and glass container right at eye level (at kid eye level!) that's filled with popcorn, just waiting to be drizzled with warm butter and salt (Homer Simpson is taking over my body right now...excuse me while I drool all over myself.)
To buy caramel apples in the fall and cinnamon flavored popcorn in the summer.
Constantly telling Gigi it's not okay to eat the popcorn that's on the floor.

There's another shop in town, a Del's extension as it were.
My dad claims that the popcorn is better at the new shop.
My mom always tells me that they have all of the same candy at the new shop as the one that's downtown.
I tell them that they are WRONG to shop at the new Del's.  I refuse to go there. 
There is something quaint and nostalgic about going downtown to "the popcorn shop" and to see how it's all been done since 1934.
It's where I get my dimples, cheese popcorn, Elam's Rootbeer and sour gummy worms.
Where I buy homemade fudge and caramel apples, single dip with nuts for me and double dip for Chad.
It's where my childhood has a strong hold over me and it's something sweet I'm passing down to my girls.   

My downfall...Dimples

They do mail order! 
Give it a go.
You will NOT be disappointed!

p.s. they didn't ask me to write this blog.  I swear.  I just love them and want to share.  Now get to eatin'!

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