Friday, July 27, 2012

My Shame and The Drought

I must apologize.
I feel terrible about it.
The weight of the county rests on my shoulders.
It's with a heavy heart that I must disclose the following news...
I am the reason we are in a drought in this area of Central Illinois!
How could I do this to people?
How could I be so insensitive?
Have I gone mad?
Don't answer that...
It finally dawned on me what was happening.
If I hear news of rain on the horizon (or in Iowa), then I carefully watch my weather app and notice the various shades of red, yellow, and green on the radar.
I guesstimate the impending rain drops' arrival.
I check the velocity of the wind as it starts the tree tops a whippin'.
I look for dark cloud cover.
And then it happens.
I bring in any beach towels that are hanging on the deck and I unhook the hammock from it's breezy trees and put it in the garage.
It is this motion that pulls the clouds north.
The cumulonimbus on the verge of arriving from the west hold onto the water within as if they are old ladies living on social security and they aren't going to Kroger to spend their dimes on those plums until they go on sale!
It's all my fault.
I am ashamed.
From now on I am going to NOT stare at the Doppler.
If I see dark clouds a brewin' I will ignore them.
If the trees start dumping their leaves into the pool, damn those leaves, I will just scoop them out and smile.
And I will leave the towels on the deck.

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