Saturday, July 28, 2012


This morning the girls went riding.
Pony riding.

Gigi took her turn first being led around the yard.
We went in the north field, down into the front yard to look at the dead raccoon's decay process.
It's looking good if you were wondering.
Sun's bleaching the teeth real nice.

Then Zoe took the reins.
She doesn't need us to lead her.
She's the driver now.
She moves at a grandpa pace, though.
Nothing speedy about her, that's for sure.
She went around our fenced in pasture, down the mowed path to the woods behind our house, into the north field.
A nice leisurely stroll.

Gigi got back on and they did some tandem riding.
Gigi holding on tight to her sister's neck.
"You can't choke your sister like that. Try hugging her around her middle instead!"..."Oh, ok."
I lead them around the yard, back over to the north field.
We went down a small hill with "easy" being said the whole time so Buttercup wouldn't bolt down it.
Then we came back up the hill.
This time I did a little jog to get her moving faster.
Squeals of delight from the passengers.
Then ol' mom did another jog, which wasn't so easy as I hadn't put on a bra yet.
This time the squeals led to screams.
They both flew off!
I guess the riders weren't hanging on tight enough and the little one flew to the side and landed with a thump in the dry grass.
The bigger one wouldn't let go even though she was hanging from the saddle and bouncing around like a dead fish.
After I yelled "let go!", she fell to the ground as well.
Buttercup just stopped.
Wondering "where did my riders go?"

After the tears subsided and it was confirmed that no one was hurt and that they had just been scared, we all gave each other a high five.
I said the best way to conquer the fear of getting thrown was to do what?
Zoe promptly said "get back on."
Which she did.
And then Gigi exclaimed with a huge smile, "I FLEW!"
"Just like a bird! I flew!"
That's my girl...

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