Friday, August 3, 2012

French Toast Air


I noticed this cable growing out of this tree by our silo on Monday.
Why have I never noticed this before?
There are many cables/wires/metal doohickeys growing out of trees on our property.
It's a testament to how old this place is that we live.
Old enough that metal grows out of wood.

There's a dead deer that's been rotting away at the end of the driveway.
The smell has diminished greatly.
Thank you deer-rotter gods!
But the dogs have found this dead deer.
Imagine the scene that's about to unfold before your reader eyes...
swimming in the pool.
gaiety and laughter.
stench and rot invade the swimmers' nostrils.
lots of "ewwww, what's that smell?!"
Now peer over the side of the pool.
A deer head.
Complete with fur but without eyeballs.
And a dog is gnawing on it's ear.
Curse you deer-rotter gods!

Gigi has decided that not wearing clothes is the new fashion.
She's big into underwear only.
I think she's either whooping it up for our future (very far future and really only in my head) residence in Hawaii (doesn't everyone stick to the "wear only underwear" fashion in Hawaii?) or the heat has really gotten to her.
Like into her.
She's too hot for clothes.
I wish I were more like her.
I've tried but Zoe won't let me walk around in only my underwear.

It almost rained the other night.
The winds picked up.
We went to sit on the porch to feel the wind slap us in the face.
Along with the leaves.
There was lightning all around.
We waited and waited and waited...
not much happened.
Some wet stuff did fall from the sky, but not enough to really help out much.
But after the rain left I saw the most awesome sky on the horizon.
It was peach and red and the air was glowing.
Like actually glowing.
I get super excited about fancy sunsets.
I grabbed my camera and headed outside.
I was immediately overwhelmed by the smell of the air.
It was sweet.
Like french toast with honeysuckle butter.
It was like lilacs and marshmallow fluff combined in the clouds and were blown in from the west.
It was amazing.
Chad came outside (the kids were already asleep) and we stood in the yard sniffing.
Overcome with something other than hot stagnant heat.
I wish I could have captured the smell.
I would give you a free bottle.
Your nose would orgasm.

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