Thursday, June 28, 2012

Share The Wealth

I have a gajillion coupons for free food.
I've also scheduled a few pool parties in the coming days.

I could drive around to all of the places on my coupons to outfit my pool deck table with a myriad of yummy delicacies.

Some pizza from Monicals.
A chicken fingers and fries meal from Lock Stock.
Ice cream from DQ.
Custard from Culvers.
Cupcakes from Lana's.
Pizza from Papa Murphys.
A couple of McD's hamburgers.

I'll divide them up into bite-sized portions and let the guests go wild!!
It will be the start of a great new trend in pool parties.
Gone will be the days of watermelon, chicken wings, and corn on the cob at pool festivities.
Instead people will move into the tiny-food movement.
Tiny portions of all different kinds of local fast foods will be offered to hungry swimmers.
It's a great idea!!
It's's a...

Oh, never mind.
People won't dig it.
Swimmers are ravenous beasts.
Who am I kidding.
I'm keeping the coupons for myself anyway.
And I'm going to eat full portions!

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