Monday, June 25, 2012

Longing For A Lanai

I've never been there, but I'm gonna move there.
I'm going to learn about poi and macadamia nuts.
I'm going to shower outdoors.
In January.
I'm going to learn how to make leis and I'm going to learn the magnificent history of the islands.
I'm going to drive my kids to school in a sidecar attached to my motorbike.
I'm going to chaperone their classrooms on field trips to active volcanos.
I'm going to have a tree filled backyard with a path to the ocean intertwined amongst the Kukui nut trees.
I'm going to walk barefoot across my yard to get into the ocean.
I'm going to lounge on my lanai instead of my porch.
I'm going to learn to surf.
Well, maybe not that.
Chad is going to wear tropical shirts and flip-flops to work.
I'm going to raise beach kids.
Who have abnormally light hair and sun-kissed skin.
I'm going to stock up on SPF 75.
I'm going to watch my husband cook over an open fire in our backyard.
Cooking freshly caught ocean fish with a side of Spam.
I'm going to become friends with Roseanne and talk goats.
She'll love Yogurt and Tulip.

But before I do all of this I need to win the lottery.
And find a way to ship the horse that far.
Boat or cargo plane?

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