Monday, July 9, 2012


So, I'm having some trouble you see.
Trouble on the technology front.
My computer is old.
Old as in...
1- it's got a tower modem thingy that doesn't read discs anymore
2- it's full of pictures and useless crap so it's slow
3- it's still living in dial-up land (HUGE sigh)
4- it just plain sucks butt.

My browser is no longer supported by the blogger that I use for this here thing you are reading.
And I'm not even sure what a browser is!
For some reason it won't let me add pictures to my blog anymore and if I do manage to get them on here, it won't save them.
I've been doing most of my blogging from my tiny iPhone.
I could use Zoe's new iPad, but we don't have WiFi here and I wouldn't be able to blog comfortably in my own home.
I would have to go out and haul two kids with me somewhere just to write about something that no one is probably reading anyway.

It's just becoming a no-win situation.
But that's not the whole truth.
Zoe is the only one winning here.
And that's what's most important.
I need to constantly remind myself of that.
I need to remind myself that we do without for her.
We have been paying hospital bills for three years for her and her battle to live.
And it's all working.

So, just because we can't afford the "luxuries" that others computers, new cars, new kitchens...doesn't mean we are doing without really.
We are doing what we do WITH Zoe here with us.
She will be done with chemo in December.
She will still have another surgery in 2013 or 2014 (to remove her port) and then maybe I can get caught up on all of the bills by then.
Forgive me if I owe you money...I owe EVERYONE money.
For real.
I will continue to blog on my iPhone and I will continue to color my hair with $3 boxed dye.
Because my life is full of dreams for my daughter and in my dreams I am a very wealthy woman.

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