Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Random Thoughts From My Brain...

How in the hey-who did I manage to walk around all morning, go to two stores, drop off and pick up a kid from a three hour nature camp, and then finally notice a HUGE two meter long gray hair sprouting and screaming "LOOK AT ME YA'LL!!" front and center in my hair. It was sticking up all Alfalfa-like and I didn't notice it until about 1:30pm.

I need to look in the mirror more often.

How is it that my kids can spend hours upon hours immersed in plastic dinosaurs, foam blocks, trains, and puppets at the library when we have the same things at home and they declare "I'm bored. There's nothing to do here."? It's the age-old parenting dilemma of "the toys are always cooler at someone else's house" syndrome.

How can Willie be dumber than Lola? We thought we had hit the jackpot of air-for-brains with her, but have found that Willie makes her look like a genius. Our next dog will surely be a walking and breathing rock. Oh. My.

How is it that some people in your life continue to amaze you, but not in a good way. And each time it happens you think to yourself "I'm bigger than that", but in reality you are as hurt as if you were in 5th grade and your "friends" are all walking away without you. Again.

I am jealous of my husband's leg. They are hairy, but long and thin and I want them transplanted onto me.
But mine need to be removed first.
And without the frizz, please.

Why can't my kids be little forever?
They are constantly telling me they love me. Give me endless hugs and kisses. I hope it continues when they are gray-haired like myself.

And I will be sure to tell them when they have a white straggler hair sprouting from the top of their heads as they are headed into Aldi.

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