Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fatherless Day

Every Fathers Day, my girls have not been able to spend it with theirs. There is an event at the university each and every year that begins on this day.
A day that is supposed to be about cookouts, making memories, and good ol' fun with dad instead just becomes a normal day for us.
We spend the day with grandpa.
He's always a hoot.
The girls fart, grandpa laughs.
Saturday is our special pre-fathers day for our girls.
We have a cookout, give him a homemade card and this year, a book on baseball.
But today, on this holiday created to honor the papa of the house, these two are stuck with mom.
So, Happy Fathers Day to my dad, to the daddy of my gals, and to all the dads in our family who aren't here anymore.

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