Thursday, June 21, 2012

More Random...

More random thoughts.
My brain is stuffed with them...

The dog ate my shoes yesterday.
My summer wedge espadrilles and my tan heels.
Zoe had a spinal tap yesterday and so we "tested" the puppy by leaving him out of his crate when we were gone.
He failed.
But now I can get new shoes, right?!

The fish we got from W-Mart died within the first week they were in the water trough.
They were weak, foo-foo fish.
My dad threw in some minnows after that that he had leftover from a day of fishing.
They are thriving and have had babies.
Not foo-foo at all.

My left arm is sunburned.
A stuck in traffic on the Kennedy sort of sunburn.
But summer in the city is oh, so fun.
Bring on the burn.

Summer on the farm burns ya up, too.
A dirt bed works to cool you off if you are a goat.
As does a scritch on the chin.

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