Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

I love to watch baseball.
It's an easy game to follow, has some really exciting moments, and you can usually go to the bathroom and not miss too much.
If we won the Lottery, we would take a vacation of baseball parks...watching games in every stadium in the country.
Towing our friends Dan and Lynne along with us because they are huge baseball fans, too.
Cooperstown is on our list of places to visit.
We love us some baseball!

Growing up our family would head to Busch Stadium every summer to watch the Cardinals battle it out with the opposing team.
In the days when Ozzie Smith would flip his way to his shortstop position and cotton candy only cost my dad a dollar to buy me.
Back in the day when managers would put up a colorful fight when the ump called a less than stellar call in their opinion.
Back when baseball was non-steroidal and not over-priced.

I grew up a St. Louis Cardinals fan.
My grandmother (my dad's mom) was a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan and while she never actually went to Wrigley Field to watch a game (she was afraid of heights to the extreme...wouldn't take the escalator at Sears, had to use the elevator!), her house was adorned in Cubs paraphernalia and she listened to the games on the radio and saw some on TV.
When I moved to Chicago I took in my fair share of Cubs games.  Even sat close enough to Harry Carey a few times to see him sing his heart out, talk about Nuts on Clark, and slur out "let's get some runs!"  What a guy.

Chad and I saw our last Cubs game at Wrigley when Mark Prior had his professional start.
We then moved our allegiance to the south side.
Wrigley just didn't seem like a baseball place anymore.
Too many people taking pictures, talking on their phones, spilling booze on us and fighting with each other. 
What about the game?
No one seemed to be watching the game.

Zoe saw her first game when she was 3 months old.
It was Dog Day at U.S. Cellular and we took Madison and his new sister.
The Chicago White Sox won the World Series that year.
We even took in the ticker tape parade that the city held for the team.
You don't forget things like that.
What an awesome memory.

So, while my dad still tries to push his Cardinals on my girls (his brain-washing has worked on my nephew!) they are turning out to be true baseball fans and love their White Sox!

We have plans to take them to Wrigley sometime.  
Everyone needs to go at least once.
We will take them for Grandma.
She loved her baseball and she would have loved these girls.          

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