Monday, May 14, 2012

A Dandy Lion

The dandelion.

It has quite a unique name.
Derived corruptly from the french meaning "lion's tooth." 
A dandy lion.
A maned yellow beauty that sprouts up to show it's sunny yellow face to the world.
So many people HATE the dandy lion.  
Spending ridiculous amounts of money to kill it.
Spraying toxic chemicals on it to rid it from this world.
I don't get it.

Who decided that yellow dandelions were a weed?
Who decided that all lawns must be free of this yellow beauty and that all homesteads needed to look the same?
Green, with cut edges, and trees that have red mulch around the base.
Who decided this?
A lawn company I suspect.
After the Great Depression and WWII were in the past and people had money to spend and well heck, let's tell them that a fancy lawn with the grass cut at 2 1/4 inches tall, free from anything that wasn't put there by human hands is the idea of success and perfection.
It's a bit absurd to me, really.
I don't care one patootie if dandelions sprout themselves in my yard.
Ya hear me!
I don't care!
Isn't life more interesting?
Don't you want to spend your time doing other things?    
Aren't there more causes to put your money towards?
Don't other things get your goat so much that you become outraged and feel the need to do something about it?
What about helping other people.
People who can't afford toxic chemicals for their lawn, let alone have a home to put on that lawn.
People who are fighting to stay alive one more day because of disease.
People who used to have so much more and now have nothing.
The dandelion reminds me to embrace the day.
To see the good in everything, even things that others deem unworthy.
To know what I really care about in this world.

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