Thursday, April 19, 2012

Water As Far As The Eye Can See

A sneak peek of some of the fun we have had this week while on vacation. A vacation we had planned and were forced to postpone and so we planned again and finally followed through with it.
A road trip, the first of many for our family.
This road trip took us south to Houston, Texas
Where we had some amazing ice cream from Hank's Ice Cream.
We saw a giant wall of water.
We saw a giant bay of water in Galveston.
We saw our nephew and his fiancé.
We had a blast.
Zoe needed this.
We all needed this.
A respite from our reality.
A chance to be normal for a week.
I'll show you more when I get home in a few days.
There's more road tripping tomorrow.
Back home...

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