Monday, April 23, 2012


A time to relax and see things from a different angle.
To see creatures and what-nots that you don't get to see at home.
To try new activities and meet new people.  
To learn new things about yourself and the group you are with.

Some things I learned on our trip to Texas this past week...

I feel thinner than I photograph. 

If there is indeed a Skunk-ape in Arkansas, we did not see it. 
I think.

There's a McDonald's in Perryville, Missouri that does NOT sell frozen strawberry lemonade.  DO NOT STOP THERE
You will become disappointed and throw a bit of a fit (like I did and I'm not ashamed to say it) when they try to offer you a strawberry smoothie instead!

My nephew is cuckoo for his shih tzu Nismo.
But I guess you can't blame him, she is very cute.

Contrary to the popular belief of certain individuals who were riding in the car with me last Tuesday, I do not believe that you are allowed to drive your minivan down the same part of the road in downtown Houston that the Metro Train drives on.  Thanks to the gentleman in the BMW behind me (in the CAR LANE mind you) who was beeping his horn like mad to inform me of our impending doom.  It was a scene right out of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles in our minivan..."how do they know which way we're going?!" 

If Gigi sees informational pamphlets at a rest stop or visitor's center she will hoard them and leave none for anyone else. 
And she will feel no remorse over it.

Some interesting sightings while in Houston...

Howard Hughes' grave.
I wish I had a better photo, but he was behind an iron gate that was locked up tight.

A shrimp boat that the birds loved.

 Giant Presidential Heads!

We saw dancing birds, frolicking baby elephants, and mind boggling beautiful jellyfish.

And we saw the ocean. 
Or the bay to be exact.
And it was marvelous.
I could live there.
Sand in our ears.
Sand in my mouth.
Salt water in our noses.
We loved it all.



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