Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Grass and Candy and Halos

Easter has come and gone.
Another holiday under our belts.
It was full of candy, cooperation and green grass. 

This was the most angelic shot of Gigi all day.
Later she proceeded to chuck raw eggs from the fridge over the fence, squash her sister's Cadbury Egg, and regurgitate her ham dinner into her napkin.  At least she used a napkin this time...  

I think this is Zoe contemplating life as an only child.
Dream on sister...

There was a bit of cooperation in getting a few of the eggs that were hidden.

You know it's good candy when you get it in your eye.

We dressed 'em up and they do look sweet. 
I'm sure right after this one of them tripped the other.
We take what we can get.

And the goats and the pony are enjoying a new pasture in front of the old one. 
A new fence has been erected and they seem to enjoy the fresh grass, the chives that I never moved, and being closer to the house.

Happy Spring everyone!

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