Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Year End

A year in review from those that reside at Cheshire Farm....

We said goodbye to our pup Madison in February.
It's hard to not see him.
He was a gorgeous light in our lives and he is terribly missed everyday.

Zoe celebrated turning six years old with her cousins...

While Gigi brought in the age of three with much gusto!

We took a break from hospitals and had a much needed trip at a water park the day after Easter.

Zoe lost all of her hair and her first tooth...

Cancer couldn't keep us away from our "home away from home", Chicago...
We took Zoe to stay at the fancy Drake Hotel to be pampered.

We saw friends,

and more friends,

and more friends,

and it was a blast!

We saw our favorite team play baseball,

walked along the lake to support those we love,

and we did some swimming in the always chilly Lake Michigan.

Zoe and Gigi had a fabulous summer together.
Zoe is learning to be a kid and Gigi is learning to be a little sister.

The 4th of July brought four new kittens into our lives.
Jumper, Firecracker, Cali, and Popcorn.

My father and husband took our drab barn...

and made it fab!

Our pool saw lots of action this summer.
Friends came from near and far to swim at the farm.

We were invaded by cicadas. Good thing that won't happen for another thirteen years...ugh.

The farm really came into it's own this year. Our dream of owning farm animals was fulfilled when Tulip and Yogurt arrived. They are really great creatures and instantly want to be friends with everyone they see. I think we'll try chickens and bees next...

Zoe went to camp for an entire week without calling home once...sniff, sniff.

Gigi took care of her goats over the summer, she's a regular old farm hand now.

Zoe's dream came true in August. Buttercup Luck arrived with fanfare and she's really a gentle and kind pony. She seems to know what Zoe needs and provides her with a quiet reassurance that life is good after all.

We did everything we could to stay normal through 2011...

through surgical setbacks, Zoe triumphed once again...

only to be set back by a broken bone.

December brought visits to Santa.

We are hopeful that 2012 will run a bit more smoothly.
We plan on some traveling, being as normal as we can, and will be counting down the days until December 16, 2012 when Zoe's nightmare of leukemia treatments will end.
Her hair is back and we are optimistic of her future.
We know we are lucky to still have her with us, but we see the numbers and
uncertainties of it all.
We stay positive and hope to be victorious.
We are going to ROCK the new year!

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