Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Snowy Stories

Well, Heavens to Betsy...
It did snow before 2012 arrived!
I had heard something yesterday about some snow that was coming.
I was reluctant to believe it.
Figured it would have come and gone in the blink of my snoozing eye.
But when we woke up this morning, or were woke up by two children screaming "IT SNOWED!", we became sleepy believers.

With this small quantity of snow, it's best to get out early and play in it before it's gone.
So, before 9am, the snow pants were exhumed from the closet and the boots were shoved on.
The children were ecstatic... 

The kittens were thoroughly baffled...

And only one of the three barn animals was excited.
The goats were heard declaring to us from the barn door,
"Did you know something horrible has happened to the ground? 
Send help and bananas at once!"

A huge plus for us, in addition to the snowfall, was a visit this morning from the Pritts/Floyd family.
Let's hear a round of applause for Jack and Luke's always prepared mother Julie!
With snow boots and gloves at the ready, they were able to comfortably meet the pony and the goats and still make a snowman with poo-enhanced snow...just one of the perks of living on a farm, folks.   
Uncle Tim and Grandpa Dave Pritts came along as well and Grandpa told us wonderful tales of his life as a boy.
He grew up with my great uncle Dale who lived on this farm.  Grandpa Dave lived here as well from the sound of it!  We heard tales of peacocks on the farm, ponds and horses, the silo where a tree now grows used to be climbed up by Dale and Dave. 
It's great to see a new generation embrace this place again.
Makes my heart all melty.

Zoe, Luke and Jack

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