Saturday, October 1, 2011

Not a Burden

I was recently interviewed for a newspaper article in our local paper about childhood cancer and its affect on our family.  I was asked whether speaking about our struggle is a burden.  What would be a burden for me is to not talk about it. 

To not acknowledge that what has happened to our daughter hasn't had a profound affect on us and everyone we know. 
To not spread the word about what I have learned about childhood cancer to the masses. 
To not tell about the lack of funding, the hardships my daughter has had to endure and will have to endure in the future. 

All because childhood cancer doesn't affect the voter? 
Doesn't affect the bread winners of the family? 
Because they are only kids? 

I don't really know the reason why the pharmaceutical companies don't take it seriously enough to dedicate more research to drugs that don't destroy our children just as they are starting to grow.  
They haven't developed new drugs that eliminate the harsh side effects that occur with drugs developed 50 years ago. 

But, they can make numerous drugs to keep a penis erect. 
That's what's most important in our society? 
Erect penises?  
I think about that and I get furious. 

Yes, I wasn't as interested in childhood cancer until September of 2010. 
Neither were most of my friends and family. 
It's true that something doesn't really hit home with you until you are directly affected. 
Well, we got hit head on and I am going to talk about it. 

You may get sick of hearing me talk about it. 
Have you gotten sick of hearing about "Think Pink" for Breast Cancer Awareness in October? 
I think that penises and boobs have had their day in the sun and it's time for the kiddos. 

Time for change and change can start with one person. 
But there's more than just this mama mad about childhood cancer. 
Scour the Internet and you'll see all of the other angry moms, dads, aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins mad about the same thing. 

Kids with cancer need our attention NOW and this is one mom that isn't going to be burdened about talking about childhood cancer. 

This is one mom who will take our pain and the pain of our close family friends, who are suffering through something much worse than we are in regards to their son's cancer, and turn it into something worthwhile.  

I'll be damned if my kid will have to worry about another friend leaving her because of cancer. 
I'll be damned if my kid has to leave us forever because of cancer.

Her future is my responsibility.
And I'm going to make sure she sees it... 


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