Friday, September 30, 2011

A Typical Kitten Day

Kittens in our home (who are really barn cats, but somehow find themselves inside)
tend to be cuddled on beds of pillows in the dining room...

or snuggled into baby doll beds complete with quilted pillows and fuzzy blankets...

or simply latched into a doll stroller to be carted from one end of the house to another...

Sometimes one is even caught wearing a bib. 
Thank goodness it's a cat bib! 
Just imagine the shame if a dog bib were put on!

Kittens who really like both the doll stroller and bibs AND sitting in the hayloft...

 and snoozing on the seat of the tractor... 

and lazily swinging in the hammock.
All perfect ways to be a kitten on Cheshire Farm.

I wish that was how my day evolved.
Nap, bed, stroller, hammock,
(forget the hayloft and tractor for me, though.)

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