Monday, October 3, 2011

Witches and Pumpkins

The Fall decor is up!

Drive by our house during the month
of October and you will see our
witch and her black cat traipsing through the cemetery... 

we will wish your pumpkin harvest well... 

 and see this pile of logs covered by weeds?

With a little creative maneuvering of logs followed by 
weed removal and some spray paint...voila! 

 A pumpkin!

A cheery log pumpkin to see coming up our drive or to glimpse as you pass by on the road.
Now go back up to the witch picture and see if you find the log pumpkin.
See it?  How fun, huh?!

And with the hope of a great season the Bears flag is up.
Every year we just KNOW they will make the Super Bowl.
Maybe this year will be it!  Maybe...

This is not really a Fall decor picture,
but the cool weather does bring out
the "jump and fall" in the goats and the girl.

Happy Fall to You and Yours

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