Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A New Book

Shel Silverstein has a new book out!
Shel Silverstein has a new book out!
Shel Silverstein has a new book out!

Pretty impressive for a guy who passed away in 1999.
His family compiled some of his unpublished poems and in the fashion of "Where the Sidewalk Ends" and "A Light in the Attic" they have released "Every Thing On It."

I am beside myself about it!
I have mentioned before in this blog how much I admire the works of Shel Silverstein.  I was introduced to him as a child.  Third grade I believe.  My grandmother gave me "Where the Sidewalk Ends" and I fell in love immediately.  The simple ink drawings.  The whimsical and sometimes heartbreaking poetry.  I really need to purchase all of his works.  I have his poems, not his stories on my bookshelf.  
I read "The Giving Tree" to the girls recently and they were engrossed by it.  Especially Zoe.  
"The Giving Tree", "A Giraffe and a Half" and "Lafcadio, The Lion Who Shot Back" all need to deposit themselves into my home soon so that I can share the wonder that is the bald man on the back of the book...Mr. Shel Silverstein.           


Here Comes
Here comes summer,
Here comes summer,
Chirping robin, budding rose.
Here comes summer,
Here comes summer,
Gentle showers, summer clothes.
Here comes summer,
Here comes summer--
Whoosh--shiver--there it goes.
~Shel Silverstein
 1981  A Light in the Attic

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