Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh, Outside!

The colors of autumn are popping out everywhere.

These flowers in a pot on the front porch are thriving in the cool weather.
The warm weather of summer had these little purple guys wilting and exhausted.
Now look at them!
I love these wee little violet blossoms.

And this sedum!
To die for!

This is a pokeweed. I do not like these. They are poisonous and will make my kids, goats and horse sick if they eat them. Any mammal really.  I usually pull them out of the ground as soon as I see them. This one is hidden in a brush pile and has survived my pulling demise. Even though I dislike these plants, you can't ignore the beauty of them. The hot pink stems and gorgeous purple berries (which I have told my girls to NEVER eat!) are so eye catching....

The bleeding leaves...such a marvel.

The walnuts fall from the trees and look like lemons all over the yard. Limes, too.
I got nailed by one of these on it's way down yesterday.
Hard hats are necessary during this time of the year in our yard.

The hedge apples. I don't know exactly why these things exist.
They are from the Osage-Orange tree.  They look like brains on the ground.
We always grab a few and keep them around until they get ucky.
An old wive's tale says that if you place these in your basement
in corners, it will keep the spiders out of your house.
Of course we tried this.
We try all hokey things of that nature.
We still had spiders...

Anywho, I'm sure you are sick of seeing my "nature" photos and may think
I'm a bit crazy for going so ga-ga over them,
but I think YOU are a bit cuckoo if you don't get out and look
at the wondrous things in your yard. 
Go on, give it a go. 
Get off the dang computer...you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find. 

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